Write For Us

Published Dec 26, 2021

We’re always looking for solid writers to contribute to this blog.

Simplernerd is a technical site focused mainly on solving common problems in the software engineering world, whether it be in the world of JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, Docker, Git, career advice, personal finance, or general Computer Science fundamentals.

We write practical tutorials and how-to articles.

As you might have noticed, our articles are fairly concise, with little to no fluff.


There really are no requirements to write for us. We encourage everyone to consider the technical problems they tend to solve day-to-day, attempt to convey that in writing, and send it over.

We don’t need experts in a field, but rather engineers with experience suffering through a problem who would like to document the solutions for others.

There are several requirements in regards to the article itself (e.g. originality, formatting, length, etc.), but those can be discussed when we get in touch.

Your contributions

Every article you write will be published anonymously until you have reached 15 articles as well as all writing expectations. After that point, all articles can be published under and attributed to your own name with your own biography page if requested.

As for how frequently you’d like to write, that is completely up to you and your schedule. Writing once a year is fine. Writing once a month is completely fine. Writing once a week is extra fine.

There is no charge to guest post on this site. We allow you to promote your own work at the end of a piece if your intentions are clear with the readers and after your work has been reviewed by us. That means a do-follow backlink from this site.

Editing process

We will never reach out asking for an article on a topic.

Every article will be voluntarily written by you, reviewed by us, and added to our blog immediately after the final edit.

There may be a few back-and-forth emails regarding syntactical edits, style guidelines, or content requests, but the process should be fairly quick and straightforward, depending on the initial quality.

All communication will be done via email.

Article topics

On our homepage, you’ll notice a list of colorful categories.

These are the categories that we’d like to focus on as a blog. Sometimes, there will be an article that strays from these core categories. Those fall under Misc, for “Miscellaneous”.

You may choose a specific topic under any category you’d like, write the first draft of the article, and we’ll get back to you with any questions we may have.

That being said, feel free to suggest new categories if you feel that you (or others) have sufficient content to fill that category (rip C++ and AWS).

Get in touch!

The process to get started is quite simple. Just introduce yourself!

  1. Please make a submission on this Google Form to introduce yourself
  2. We’ll reach out to the email provided in that form with some questions and article guidelines
  3. When an article is written, it will be sent via email, each article containing its own email thread
  4. The article will be reviewed, sent back with feedback, and repeated until the final draft
  5. When finished, we publish and celebrate