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How to Get the Index of a for-of Loop Iteration in JavaScript

Jul 3, 2020 1 min read

The for-of loop changed the way JavaScript (ES6) handles iterables, but accessing indexes like in a traditional for loop can be confusing.

There’s no native feature in the for-of loop that gives us the iteration index.

Luckily, we can use .entries() to access the current index.

const arr = ['corgi', 'shih tzu', 'pug'];
for(let elem of arr.entries()) {
  console.log(`Element: ${elem}`);
// [0, 'corgi']
// [1, 'shih tzu']
// [2, 'pug']

This means that we can destructure the output of .entries() to obtain the index in the for-of loop.

const arr = ['corgi', 'shih tzu', 'pug'];
for(let [index, elem] of arr.entries()) {
  console.log(`Index: ${index}`);
  console.log(`Element: ${elem}`);

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